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    Legal - Civil - Private Examinations

Law Enforcement Pre Employment Screening

Post Convicted Sex Offender Testing

  • Instant Offense Examinations
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Examinations
  • Sexual History Examinations

Criminal Defense and / or Prosecutorial Examinations

Child Abuse * Child Sexual Assault * Rape * Gross Sexual Imposition * Theft 

* Drug Charges * Child Pornography * Assault * Internet Crimes * Fraud

*Court Stipulated Polygraph Examinations

Quality Control Reviews

A Quality Control Review (QCR) is a critical independent review and assessment of PV examinations conducted by other Forensic Psychophysiology Experts. A Quality Control Review (QCR) is absolutely necessary in assessing the validity and reliability of the proferred PV examination prior to its submission to the Court and ensuing review by opposing counsel's expert. HNS POLYGRAPH has successfully documented grounds for cross examination.

For more information about QCR's, and the examination/cross-examination of QCR experts plus model scripts, see the textbook "Examination and Cross-Examination of Experts in Forensic Psychophysiology Using The Polygraph" by James Allan Matte available at and / or call HNS Polygraph.