What you really need to know about the polygraph examiner you choose

* That they are accredited and/or licensed.  *They have continued their education requirements (30      hours every two years). * They utilize a polygraph technique that has a minimum of two independent 

 published research studies in a peer-reviewed journal, one of which, must be a field study. *They  comply with all principles and standards of the International Society of Polygraph Examiners and the American Polygraph Association.



About HNS Polygraph Services

Established in 2008, on a full-time basis, HNS Polygraph has been retained by numerous law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, defense attorneys, therapists, private individuals and city and county officials to conduct polygraph testing when the truth is ​absolutely needed. 

The Director of HNS Polygraph currently serves as Chair of Public Relations representing North America, South America, ​Asia, and the Middle East.

Most notably, the Director of HNS Polygraph has been extremely successful in determining if a defense client would benefit from a court stipulated polygraph examination.

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